Shary Connella Photography (shary)

Welcome to Shary Connella Photography website. Shary has combined photojournalistic, commercial and artistic talents to create a collection of images of a wedding that will preserve the beauty, romance and history of that day that will be an eternal heirloom for the family.

As professional photojournalists, Shary has a keen sense of timing, an eye for detail and the ability to be in the right place at the right time to capture all of those defining moments that tell the story of that beautiful day. Shary'’s experience with media and experience in fashion photography bring all aspects of lighting and composition control into focus with an acute knowledge of current trends. Shary brings an artistic sense to each collection, and through her combined focus, the opportunity to capture those unpredictable moments is made possible.

A wedding album will be created from images from your day and added to our collections.Gift certificates can be added to your wedding registry.

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